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Secret Santa Wishlist Empty Secret Santa Wishlist

on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:37 am
Note that these wishlists serve as a LAST RESORT OPTION, after you've seriously considered a gift for them.

Guys please have an attitude check before you receive/give a gift, we're not here to be materialistic.

Sky (in order of desire, a card for sure, in addition to any of the following)
-Simple bracelet or ring (sz 7.5)
-Nice simple hoodie
-Really soft, fluffy pillow or blanket

-Nice smelling soap so that I can carve
-Anklet (Basically just a bracelet that can fit around my thicc ankle)
-Soft stuffed animal

-Stuffed animals and cute stuff

Eddy Ji
-Headphones or AirPods

-Literally anything
-A card with at least 300 words
-A small portable NIV bible

Samuel Kwon
-Comfy moccasins
-Comfy PJs/sleepwear
-Extra soft blanket
-Hightech wallet
-Stylish backpack (Preferably northface)

Ethan Seo
-Anything that can be used for school

Nathan Lim
-Kemba Walker or Lebron James sweatshirt
-30 pound dumbbell

Andrea Yum (books on amazon)
-Books such as; Soft Thorns, Us, She left like feeling nothing, Nocturnal, Ache, In the absence of the Sun, Uncaged Wallflower, That she book, Darling, Words, Words that kill, I wrote this for you, Where the sidewalk ends, A strangely wrapped gift, Poetry book: Abyss of bliss, Sad birds still sing, Worth it: Poetry, Beyond rock bottom, For the broken, Evanescent, Light filters in:poems, A winter hat

Ben Sim
-Zumiez clothes?

-A sweater or a cardigan

-Pair of shoes
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