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on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:08 am
-We discussed Leadership Axioms ch.22 and 23
-We accomplished a weekly high in devos! Does having a punishment help if you don't accomplish the devos with your team? How should we incentivize devos then? Should we even have an incentive?

-We had an overview of Radical chapter 4, watched John Piper's sermon from PassionDay Conference in 2000
- https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/boasting-only-in-the-cross


December Devotional Teams [Slight change in Teams]
-Teams of 3 (8 Devotionals in total)
-Teams of 4 (11 Devotionals in total)

Team 1 - Eric, Sam, EunTak
Team 2 - Bo, Ashley, Ethan
Team 3 - Mango, Eddy, Nicolle
Team 4 - PJ, Caelee, Ben
Team 5 - Sky, Andrea, Nathan, Daniel

Announcements (Important Dates)
-December 21st: Christmas Party @ the Sim's [Meet at church by 5pm]
-December 22nd: CCYG Leaders Outing (Meet at Church by 5pm with your $30 minimum gift for Secret Santa)
-December 23rd: Fundraiser in the AM (Led by Daniel) and prayer meeting in the evening (starting at 6pm)

Leadership Team Notes
-December 14th Friday Night: Queen dodgeball & Spud [Along with the children ministry]
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